* Save up to 80% on Shipping Costs with the Shop2Ship Consolidation service! *

Combine/Bundle as many single items together for one flat fee!


See how the Consolidation service can help you save on shipping costs!

Consolidation is the key to achieve huge savings on international shipping costs. You can save well over 50%, and in some cases up to 90% on global shipping costs. Why is this so? Each package contains a lot of packaging material and empty space that being packed from the retailer. Also, the shipping cost for smaller packages is higher per kilo/pound comparing to bigger packages. Shipping one package is almost always cheaper than sending several separate packages.

Shop2Ship will let you use our warehouse to collect packages from all different retailers we have free storage for up to 100 days. Then, when all your packages have arrived,  select the option consolidate all packages into a bigger package. We will automatically fit it in the smallest box possible to help you save further.



Lets say you purchase items from Amazon, Apple and Walmart. These 3 items will arrive in your Shop2Ship suite separately.

So instead of paying $120 shipping costs for each of the 3 packages individually ($360 in total), you will pay approx. $80 shipping for the entire consolidated package. That is a huge saving! We also have the lowest rates in the package forwarding industry, these discounts are passed down to you, the Shop2Ship customer.


Our fee is a flat rate of $6. This means you can combine as many packages together as you like for one single fee. So even if you want to combine 10 packages together, all you will have to pay is $6. This is the lowest consolidation fee in the parcel forwarding industry.



Besides the saving of the Shipping Cost, the Consolidation service also helps with:

Remove unnecessary packaging material

Tightly but safely pack the package. We will reduce the empty space to minimal so you do not pay the shipping cost for empty space in the package.

We will check the content to make sure it’s not broken

You can also request additional services or special requests such as Additional Packing material, Additional Security Tape to ensure peace of mind.


How it works!

Go into your Shop2Ship account (Sign-up here)

Choose the packages you wish to consolidate

Once the consolidation has been completed, you will be notified by email.


Automatically, the consolidation service selects to remove excess packing material and reduce the parcel size by as much as possible. But there is another option, you can select to keep one of the boxes in the original box as it arrived at Shop2Ship, so the item will be placed in the consolidated box in the box that it arrived in.



The consolidation service is the most popular of the Shop2Ship services. The flat rate of $6 for unlimited packages is the lowest in the package forwarding industry. We automatically reduce the size of the consolidated box by as much as possible.

Please visit our services page to see all the other options available to you.

Sign-up today and get your free USA package forwarding address with no membership fees!

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