How Does Parcel Forwarding Work? Shop on US online stores and ship internationally with Shp2Ship. Get a free US package forwarding address. You provide this address as your shipping address at checkout when purchasing products off Amazon, eBay, or other US online stores. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the whole process works.

Step 1: Enter your US address at checkout

While purchasing a product on an online shopping website, such as Amazon or eBay, type-in your personal mailing address as the shipping address. This mailing address is provided to you by the various Package Forwarding agencies at registration.

Step 2: Boxes arrive at your US Address

When your products reach the warehouse, the Parcel Forwarding agency will alert you with an email.

Step 3: Optional Services

Recommended: Consolidate and bundle all your purchases from different online stores into one box

Optional: Request clear and visible pictures of your products.

Step 4: Declare your items

Complete the customs declaration form. Declare the dollar value and quantity of your items. This is for import duties/taxes

Step 5: Select Carrier

Select shipping method then make the payment. FedEx, DHL and the USPS are the most popular and best quality options

Step 6: Track your package

After your parcel is shipped, use the tracking number to track and stay informed about its location.

Step 7: Pay customs duties/tariffs

Clear all fees imposed upon by the customs in your country or in the country where you’ve shipped your products.

Step 8: Package is delivered to your home

Accept the delivery at your home or place of business!

Consolidation may be optional, but it is the key to Parcel Forwarding!

Buy clothes and electronics from several different US online stores and then bundle them together in one box to help save on shipping costs.

If you do not consolidate, you do not increase your savings buy purchasing from the USA instead of locally.




Unlock international shipping on US online stores with Shop2Ship

Package forwarding from the USA is the shopping trend in 2019! Gain access to amazing US online stores such as Amazon , eBay, Walmart, Nordstrom, NewEgg and many more! We ship to countries like Australia, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Meixo and Canada! Save money but consolidating your purchases. Bundle purchases from different stores into one box. We have the lowest rates and fastest processing in the industry!

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