Best Price Guarantee


Shop2Ship guarantees the lowest shipping rates to a number of countries.*

Tax-free Shopping

Sales Tax-free Shopping

Shop2Ship offers a unique opportunity to purchase your products without paying any sales tax.

24h International Delivery

24h International Delivery

Shop2Ship offers economical and 24h delivery to several international destinations.

Assisted Purchase

Assisted Purchase

Shop2Ship can assist you with your online purchases, in case of any acceptance issues with your credit card.

Frequent-Shipper Program


Shop2Ship offers a membership program to loyal clients. Collect miles by shipping.

Package Consolidation

Package Consolidation

Save up to 70% on your international shipping fee by using Shop2Ship’s consolidation service.

How does Package Forwarding work?

Make a purchase
on any U.S. Website
Set your Shop2Ship USA address
as the delivery point
We forward the package
to you – anywhere in the world

Express Shipment to [countrybyip] starting from: USD [costbyip]

Save On Shopping & Shipping Like Never Before


Parcel Forwarding with Shop2Ship

The World, Just a Tap Away

Keep track of your package on every step of it’s journey, no matter what device you are using. The Shop2Ship app is free and available for iOS and Android devices.

Be the First to Know

No need to check multiple websites to locate your package. Use our free App to follow your packages from door to door.

Set Your Preferences

Save you shipping, insurance, packaging and other preferences to further speed up the process.

Payments are Easy and Secure

Make payments online or directly from our App by using one of our many secure payment options.


“I’m a hobby photographer in Sweden, I was eager to get my hands on the new DJI Mavic Pro. Since it won’t be released in Sweden for another four months. I used Shop2Ship Package Forwarding to ship it to me! The consolidation service helped me save on shipping costs. Paid $28 for delivery and still paid in total 972kr less then it will cost in Sweden. Top!” Read More…

Frequent Shipper Program

Do you Shop & Ship frequently? Do you run a small business? Our Frequent Shipper program offers even more benefits to our regular and corporate customers. Register today and start collecting miles. Get huge discounts and free services with Shop2Ship Parcel Forwarding!

Frequent Shipper Membership Cards

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